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The Kitsap County Courthouse.

The seat of the judicial system for Kitsap County resides at 614 Division Street, in the City of Port Orchard, 98366. The Building that you see above is where the Kitsap County District, Superior, AND Civil Courts all reside. Offices also include the District Attorney's office, probation services, main sheriff's office, and various court clerks and administrators.

If you are showing up at the courthouse for a court case, we strongly advise you to show up more than 30 minutes early so that you can be on time. Parking is very limited in the main parking lot that you see here. Various other lots around the outskirts of the courthouse grounds will also fill quickly, and require a short walk. Be very observant of all time limitations on certain parking locations as parking IS strictly enforced. Also make sure to have all of your paperwork with you, as your attorney or the judge may ask for it. We will gladly provide you with a paper folder to keep everything organized.

The Kitsap County Jail

These are the doors to the left and right of the jail parking lot, respectively. you can just see the waiting area behind the chain link fence on the right hand side of the left hand picture.

Behind the courthouse is the Kitsap County Jail, which handles all inmates for the entire Kitsap Peninsula. The door on the left hand side of this picture is not a public access point to the jail, but is where your loved one will be released upon posting of their bail. There is a small, covered waiting area right next to the door for you to wait. During open business hours, you may enter the door on the right to go up to the reception area to place money on an inmates books or to schedule your visitation appointments.

Upon arriving at the jail, we recommend that you park in the spaces to the right of this blue sign, and walk down to the waiting area.

The sheriffs work very hard to maintain a safe and secure environment for the inmates and as such are always very busy. When waiting for your loved one to be bailed out, we at AA Kitsap Bail Bonds advise that you should come prepared with a fully charged phone, something to keep you busy while you wait, and any personal items you may need. 
There is a very real possibility that you may be waiting for several hours. Please remember, however, how hard the sheriffs are working and that your loved one will be released from custody as promptly as possible.

Posting Bail in Kitsap County